Company Overview

HHD Software is the fast-growing company with management office in London and development offices around the world. The company was founded back in 2000. Since then we offer the highest quality software which helps our customers to solve problems in different application areas.

HHD Software has become world-wide famous thanks to its innovative PC ports and devices monitoring solution – the well-known Serial Monitor and USB Monitor. Today we have expanded the line of monitoring solutions to include various technologies, buses and protocols.

In contrast to the large, bureaucratic companies, HHD Software is able to provide personal and attentive attitude to each customer as well as the rapid and highly skilled product support. Rate to the professionalism and the high level of attention to each client was one of the components of our success. Today among our customers there are large corporations – electronic industry world market leaders as well as private users.

We dedicate a lot of our attention to security and safety of our site, products and technologies as well as to our clients’ privacy.

We hope that you find our products and services useful and helpful!

You can always contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.