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9/9/2008 Hex Editing Today

Hex Editor Neo makes it possible for everyone to view, open and modify files of any length and content in Windows. Edit files of any size and in any format, modify NTFS streams and data in the memory of your PC without slowing down the computer.

11/1/2007 Monitor Serial Port Activities

If you are developing or debugging serial-port based hardware, analyzing or reverse-engineering protocols employed by a certain serial device, or are developing software that communicates with such devices, sooner or later you'll need to see what data comes through the COM ports.

Serial Monitor allows intercepting, monitoring and logging of all serial (COM) port traffic in real-time. It captures data transmitted through all RS232 ports on your computer simultaneously, and provides access to the COM port data in an easily readable format.

7/12/2007 Inside the Device Monitoring Studio, Part 1
This article contains some of the many interesting facts you may be interested to know about the Device Monitoring Studio.
4/3/2007 Expedite Development of USB Hardware or Software with USB Monitor
Whether you are developing or reverse-engineering a USB device, programming an application with USB communication, or simply analyzing data sent and received via USB interface, USB Monitor by HHD Software will expedite your project saving time and expense.