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7/24/2013 Monitor, Log and Analyze Serial and USB Connections of Remote PC
HHD Software introduces a new software product: Device Monitoring Studio Server
5/25/2011 Monitor, Log and Analyze Your PC Ports and Connections
HHD Software introduces a new software product - Device Monitoring Studio.
5/24/2011 Real-Time Logging and Analyzing of the Network Data Flows has Became Easy
HHD Software announces new major release of Network Monitor, a program designed for monitoring, logging and analyzing network data traffic in Real-Time.
2/11/2011 Get HHD Software Products with Discounts up to 50%
Today we start time limited action offering you to get HHD Software products with huge discounts.
1/13/2011 Using of Virtual Serial Ports has Become Easier than Ever Before
Using of Free Virtual Serial Ports has become easier than ever before. HHD Software extends the line of its serial communication products with a release of Free Virtual Serial Ports product.
6/5/2010 Hex Editors Performance Contest
HHD Software Ltd. announces a binary file editors contest. We believe that we have just released the fastest binary file editor available on the market today.
6/5/2010 New USB Devices Monitoring Software Released
Add USB Devices Monitoring Functionality to Your Project.
10/20/2008 Get Award-Winning Hex Editor Neo for FREE
Now you can get Hex Editor Neo Ultimate edition for FREE.
2/26/2008 Free Hex Editor Neo Hits the Market
Free Hex Editor Neo is a free edition of the new binary files and hex data editing utility - Hex Editor Neo.
2/25/2008 Hex Editor Neo Sets A New Level of Performance on The Hex Editor's Market
Hex Editor Neo is a new solition for manupulating binary files, hex data editing and patch making.
10/3/2007 Monitor, Log and Analyze Your Serial Port Data Flows
New Serial Monitor is now a part of upcoming global PC port and connections monitoring solution - Device Monitoring Studio.
6/25/2007 HHD Software Greets SIC 2007 in Denver with Paramount Offer
We are preparing a special offer for all participants at SIC 2007 in Denver, US this year. Every conference visitor is offered a gift CD with new PC port monitoring solution - Device Monitoring Studio, as well as a free 3-month License for the product.
4/5/2007 USB Monitor (Device Monitoring Studio) for Windows Vista Released
HHD Software announces the released of USB Monitor for Windows Vista. The USB Monitor product is now part of the fast growing line of device monitoring utilities offered by HHD Software.
3/20/2007 USB Monitor (Device Monitoring Studio) for Windows 2000/XP/Vista Has Been Released
We are glad to inform you that we have released a major upgrade to the award winning HHD Software product USB Monitor.
10/12/2006 USB Monitor Beta for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server Has Been Released
HHD Software announces the USB Monitor 2.80 Beta, the beta version of the famous powerful software USB monitoring solution.
2/10/2006 Add Serial Port Monitoring Functionality to Your Code With Ease
HHD Software, Ltd. introduces new software product – the Serial Port Monitoring Control. This is a library for Windows operating system, which allows you to monitor the computer serial ports in your application.
7/9/2004 Serial Monitor for Windows NT4.0/2000/XP Has Been Released
Serial Monitor for Windows NT4.0/2000/XP has been released. Powerful software makes monitoring, testing and analyzing serial ports a breeze.
7/7/2004 USB Monitor Version 2.37
USB Monitor for Windows 2000/XP has been released. HHD Software announces the USB Monitor 2.37, the new version of the powerful software USB monitoring solution.
3/11/2004 Monitor Both USB and Serial Devices With Ease
HHD Software announces the release of USB Monitor, a program for the Windows operating system that monitors Universal Serial Bus (USB) device activity. The company also released Serial Monitor, which can monitor all of your serial devices.