Press Release


Add Serial Port Monitoring Functionality to Your Code With Ease

Monitoring Serial Devices Became Easier!

HHD Software, Ltd. introduces new software product – the Serial Port Monitoring Control. This is a library for Windows operating system, which allows you to monitor the computer serial ports in your application.

Serial Port Monitoring Control uses the latest technology from our award-winning Serial Monitor product, providing full support for PnP and virtual serial devices with “hot-plug” and “hot-unplug” functionality and does not require the system restart upon installation or uninstallation.

By using the Serial Port Monitoring Control in your software product, you get an ability to intercept all activity of serial devices. The library provides you with complete data and control codes exchanged between the serial device and user application, which makes it a powerful utility for hardware development, monitoring software development, serial protocol implementation and much more.

Serial Port Monitoring Control lets you enumerate all installed serial devices, including, but not limited to serial ports and modems. It then monitors the system for serial devices and notifies your code of their appearance or disappearance.

Included in the package you will find the library and accompanying filter driver, redistributable components, header and library files for native clients, detailed documentation with multiple how-tos, sample code snippets and full code reference, as well as a number of sample applications, showing how to use the library in multiple languages and environments. Sample applications are written in C++, C# (.NET platform), Javascript and Delphi.

System Requirements:

Serial Port Monitoring Control will run under Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 Server. It requires 128MB of RAM and 4.0MB of free hard disk space.


Serial Port Monitoring Control is available under two different licenses. Single Developer License costs $199.99 US and OEM License is available for $499.99 US from the company Web site at

For more information on Serial Port Monitoring Control contact HHD Software via email contact[a] or visit the company's Web site at