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Hex Editor Neo Sets A New Level of Performance on The Hex Editor's Market


Hex Editor Neo is a program specifically aimed at professional software developers. It advances PC users working with binary, hex, decimal and text data.


Fully customizable user interface, optimized data manipulating, unlimited operation history support with branching make it an invaluable tool for digging and analyzing hex data, researching functionality of any software, making patches and much, much more.

New product internal architecture along with strong performance optimization allows Hex Editor Neo to easily outperform any other competitive product available on the market today. This means that the user may use it even for lenghty operations on extra large files without caring about memory consumption, system slowdown or any other oblique interaction with applications running on the computer.

Key Features

Here are some of the Hex Editor Neo key features which can't be found in other competitive product:

  • Browsable multiple selection
  • Selection saving, loading and set operations on loaded selection
  • Browsable operations history with unlimited Undo
  • Operations history branching
  • Operations history saving, loading and exchanging
  • Creating Patch from any position in operation history with two mouse clicks
  • Patch API
  • Data Statistics (table and graphic modes)
  • Application scripting support
  • True 64-bit platform support
  • Fully customizable User Interface with number of predefined layouts and color schemes

System Requirements

256MB of RAM and 16 MB of hard disk space.


Hex Editor Neo is available in three editions:

  • Standard - from $ 44.99
  • Professional - from $ 79.64
  • Ultimate - from $ 134.99
Hex Editor Neo homepage:

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