Press Release


Hex Editors Performance Contest

HHD Software Ltd. announces a binary file editors contest. We believe that we have just released the fastest binary file editor available on the market today.

If any competitive product performs faster than Hex Editor Neo, we will give you a free license for Hex Editor Neo Professional Edition.

Contest rules are provided below:

Comparison tests must be held on the same PC configuration and under the same system load.

Download and install the most recent version of Hex Editor Neo:

Open any publicly available file (so the results may be easily verified) with size more than 1GB or create it yourself. Make sure you have the same amount of free space on the volume where your temporary folder is located.

  1. Copy/Paste. Put any part of the file into the Clipboard and then insert it in the file body several times.
  2. Find. Find any byte or ASCII string in the file.
  3. Replace. Replace all occurrences of a single byte with a sequence or an ASCII string.
  4. Undo/Redo. Undo "Replace All" command by keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Z) or by mouse click in History Tool Window, then redo (Ctrl+Y) it.
  5. Saving. Save changes into the file.
  6. Cancel. Replace all occurrences of a single byte with an ASCII string and then cancel the operation in the middle of process.

In case of any competitive product will perform all of these steps faster than Hex Editor Neo, send us your measurement results with detailed conditions. We will check it and reply with license file for Hex Editor Neo Professional Edition.

Offer expires September 1, 2009.


Vasiliy Vasilyev
HHD Software Ltd. 85 Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom, W1W 7LT

Tel: +44 207 617 74 83