Press Release


Monitor Both USB and Serial Devices With Ease

HHD Software announces the release of USB Monitor, a program for the Windows operating system that monitors Universal Serial Bus (USB) device activity. The company also released Serial Monitor, which can monitor all of your serial devices.

USB Monitor lets you log and analyze all activity that occurs with devices that are using USB ports. The program gives programmers the ability to fully analyze what transpires between a device and the device manager. This makes it a powerful tool for debugging software, working on device driver development, and more.

USB Monitor puts a filter driver between the host controller and the device driver and this lets it track all data that's transferred and show it to the user. In addition, the data can be logged, exported in a variety of formats, or even copied to the clipboard.

Serial Monitor features a "Protocol Analyzer" that lets the user monitor the serial protocol between two serial devices. The Serial Monitor can also be configured to log data for later study. Data can be played back and the user still maintains control over the flow of data. A "Converter SDK" lets software developers greatly expand the functions of Serial Monitor through the use of extension modules. Both Serial Monitor and USB Monitor are powerful tools that provide a range of features.

System Requirements:

USB Monitor will run under Windows 2000, XP, and Windows 2003 Server. Serial Monitor will run under Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 Server. They require 64MB of RAM and 4.0MB of free hard disk space.


USB monitor is available for $69.99 US from the HHD Software Web site located at Serial Monitor is available in three different versions. The standard version of Serial Monitor is $79.99 US. Serial Monitor Lite is $49.99 US and Serial Monitor Professional is available for $199.99 US from the company Web site at

For more information on either USB Monitor or Serial Monitor contact HHD Software via email or visit the company's Web site at