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Serial Monitor for Windows NT4.0/2000/XP Has Been Released

Powerful Software Makes Monitoring, Testing and Analyzing Serial Ports a Breeze.

HHD Software has announced the latest release of powerful serial port monitoring utility, Serial Monitor 3.22. The new version of Serial Monitor 3.22 now has greater compatibility and new features which make it easier to use and provide even more useful data when monitoring serial ports.

Developed with Win32 developers working with serial ports in mind, Serial Monitor lets users monitor the data sent and received through serial ports, reverse engineer serial protocols, and even test software which make use of serial ports. Serial ports are normally dedicated and can only be used by one application at any single moment. This makes analyzing data from applications using serial ports difficult, as there might be problems with the application itself. Serial Monitor effectively overcomes this problem by attaching or 'piggy-backing' on the application which is using the serial port, and intercepting all data read and written through them.

The user can use the Serial Monitor's Protocol Analyzer feature to establish the virtual link (or bridge) between two computer serial ports, thus connecting them and allowing the user to monitor the communications between two devices connected to those ports. Serial Monitor can even capture and process all serial input/output control codes (IOCTLs) and provide a full dump of their parameters, as well as allow users to record data from an entire monitoring session so that it can be replicated at a later time. Alternately, the captured data can be copied, formatted or exported into different types of formats, providing users with many possible means to store the valuable information.

The Serial Monitor Converter SDK comes to scene when the user needs some non-standard or extended monitored data processing and allows him to plug the extension modules to the easily extendable Serial Monitor’s architecture.

Serial Monitor makes developing and implementing serial protocols and reverse engineering them a lot easier, since it is able to work with any software that is able to open initiate communication through a serial port. It also facilitates more effective tests for software using serial ports. In addition, it also allows users to change the default behavior of serial ports in Win32-based operating systems, as well as emulate the monitored application by sending data on its behalf. Full compatibility with ACPI standards means users can even bring their system to standby or hibernate mode while Serial Monitor is in use.

Serial Monitor is versatile and powerful tool for monitoring, emulating and even altering serial port data, and is an invaluable resource for developers whose work deals with serial ports.

System Requirements:

Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP. Common Controls Update (version 5.80). Minimum 64MB RAM 5MB HD.


Trial version - Limited to 100 session usage. Full version costs $79.99.

About HHD Software:

HHD Software is a fast growing young company which was founded in 2000 and works on providing the high quality monitoring solutions. Its software is used by a lot of companies all over the world, including Motorola, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, AT&T, Intel, Siemens, Nokia, Philips, Panasonic, Ericsson, LG Electronics, Samsung, Hitachi, Thomson Inc, Caterpillar Inc, VIA Technologies Inc, APC, Agfa, Dolby Laboratories Inc, Rockwell, VK Corporation, Phoenix International and General Atomic.

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Vasiliy Vasilyev
HHD Software