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Using of Virtual Serial Ports has Become Easier than Ever Before

Free Virtual Serial Ports Released for Public Beta Testing

HHD Software extends the line of its serial communication products with a release of Free Virtual Serial Ports product.

This application provides an easiest way to add a new, virtual serial device to the computer running Microsoft Windows operating system. Flexible software design then allows the newly created virtual COM port to be used in different ways, including creating virtual null-modem cable link with another virtual serial port, connecting it to the named pipe (to be shared with other application running on the same or even another computer) or used with a pair of files for input and output.

Free Virtual Serial Ports contains a programming library, which provides a rich API for a client code to create and manage virtual serial ports, giving unlimited possibilities in new application development, as well as maintaining legacy code.

The product has no kernel-mode components, making the whole system much more robust and secure. On 64-bit platforms, support is provided for both 32-bit and 64-bit client applications.

HHD Software starts a beta testing program for the utility, which ends on March 1 2011. The beta testing program may be extended with new releases of the Free Virtual Serial Ports Beta in the future.

System Requirements

IBM PC-compatible computer running Microsoft Windows Vista (x86 and x64) or later. 512MB of RAM and 512 MB of hard disk space.


Free Virtual Serial Ports homepage:
Free Virtual Serial Ports free demo:

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