Press Release


Get HHD Software Products with Discounts up to 50%

Today HHD Software Ltd. starts a time limited action offering users to get HHD Software products with discounts up to 50%.

Any user can exchange the product usage video tutorial to the personal discount up to 25% for the Serial, USB and Network monitoring products, and special discount up to 50% for the Hex Editor Neo!

Video tutorial requirements

  1. You must be an author of submitted video tutorial.
  2. Video tutorial must illustrate a successful resolution of a real problem using any our commercial product.
  3. Video tutorial must be unique and must not be present anywhere on the Internet.
  4. Titles and narration must be in English and have correct spelling and grammar.
  5. Video tutorial must not contain material that violates or infringes intellectual property rights.
  6. Video tutorial must not contain any promotional material or advertisement.

Rules and conditions

  1. You submit request for a temporary license.
  2. We provide you with temporary 14-days license bound to your name.
  3. You provide us with a link to your downloadable video tutorial (splash screen with your license information must be clearly visible in a tutorial) with description and comments.
  4. If the submitted video tutorial is accepted, you will be provided with personal discount code for the product used in your video tutorial.
  5. After license file is sent to you, we acquire all rights to distribute your video tutorial anywhere on the Internet.

Your discount code will automatically expire after first purchase.

Note. We reserve the right to stop this time limited offer at any time without prior notice.