Does the product support unattended installation?

New Hex Editor Neo's setup allows you to specify several parameters on the command line:

-silentSurpress any user interface dialogs during setup
-uninstall or -uTurn on uninstall mode
-portableTurn on portable mode
-prop INSTALLDIR=[path]Specify the installation folder location. If [path] contains spaces, enclose it in double quotation marks, among with "INSTALLDIR=" part: "INSTALLDIR=c:\Path With Spaces\Hex Editor Neo". Note that in this case path must not end with a backslash.
-userTurn on per-user mode
-machineTurn on per-machine mode


This will install Hex Editor Neo in per-user mode into the "c:\Programs\Hex Editor Neo" folder:

hex-editor-neo.exe -user -prop "INSTALLDIR=c:\Programs\Hex Editor Neo" -silent

This will uninstall the Hex Editor Neo:

hex-editor-neo.exe -u -silent

Note that -portable and -user parameters are not supported for Free Virtual Serial Ports product.