HHD Software Reseller Program

The HHD Software Reseller Program is a flexible and rewarding action that allows you to expand your business and earn an extra income.

How Do I Become a Reseller?

Becoming an HHD Software Reseller is easy. Just complete an on-line enrollment form by pressing the Apply Now button. . We will review your application and set up your Reseller Account at HHD Software web site so you will be able to buy products from HHD Software website at reseller prices.

Registered Reseller Benefits

Earn a 15-25%+ commission by joining our reseller team. We are committed to our Channel Partners and we believe that your success means our success too.

There are three types of reseller programs available:

Starting Up

This is the first step in the HHD Software Reseller Program. Once accepted, you are an HHD Software Partner and have access to the Reseller Account. You can make your first purchase with 15% reseller discount.

Authorized Resellers

This is the second step. Once first purchase is made, your Reseller Account will receive Authorized status and you will be able to purchase with 20% reseller discount.

Professional Resellers

This is the third step. Reaching the sales amount of 999,99 € your Reseller Account status will be set to Professional giving you ability to buy products from HHD Software web site with 25% reseller discount.