Device Monitoring Studio

by HHD Software Ltd.
You'll never find any PC Monitoring solution that
  • Supports monitoring of USB, Network and Serial Ports simultaneously. It's universal.
  • Allows you to investigate content of the data flows. It's smart.
  • Allows you to track all data coming to and out of your PC. It's attentive.
  • Allows you to save logs for replaying it back on different PC. It's scalable.
  • Allows you to find patterns from Gigabytes of traffic data in seconds. It's fast.
  • Supports regular expression patterns search across the traffic data. It's handy.

Device Monitoring Studio is a software solution for monitoring, logging and analyzing data coming through PC ports and connections.

Combining together the power of Serial, USB and Network monitoring modules it provides you with wide range of tools to view and analyze what's going on in your computer and connected devices.

Using DMS you'll be able to dig into the data flows coming to and out of your computer. This makes it usable not only for developing and debugging any kind of software applications and hardware devices, but for security management and data usage control. Every connected device's traffic can be logged and analyzed.

Your important data will not leave the computer without being monitored!

Extreme performance, real-time data monitoring and logging ability makes DMS more than just a general protocol analyzer. This makes it perfect solution for PC data traffic investigations.

It allows you to construct distributed data processing and control systems using LAN or Internet when being used together with Device Monitoring Studio Server.

This is entirely a software solution that requires no additional hardware.

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300448493Device Monitoring StudioStandard $164.99
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300448505Device Monitoring StudioUltimate $499.99
Product IDNameEditionItem PriceSelect
300448493Device Monitoring StudioStandard $234.99
300448499Device Monitoring StudioProfessional $499.99
300448505Device Monitoring StudioUltimate $699.99
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DMS can be successfully used for:

  • capturing data traffic between your PC and any connected device
  • analyzing data exchanged by Windows applications and remote devices
  • intercepting and logging all of computer communications
  • exploring the way that your private data leaks from your computer
  • researching the functionality of any third-party software and hardware
  • store specific PC communications data history
  • protecting your PC from viruses, trojans and other malicious software
  • controlling communication traffic for restricted content
  • analyzing and reverse-engineering black boxes and unknown protocols
  • recording and replaying previously recorded log files
  • device driver behavior analyzing
  • implementing and testing new data exchange protocols
  • developing specific hardware and software applications
  • debugging Serial, USB and Network software and hardware devices

DMS can be successfully used by:

  • security experts
  • system administrators
  • industrial control personnel
  • resource managers
  • software developers
  • hardware engineers
  • beta-testers
  • SCADA software engineers
  • science technicians
  • systems integrators, consultants
  • University students

DMS usage areas:

  • PC external devices usage investigations
  • Security applications
  • Data control systems

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