Device Monitoring Studio Server

Monitor, log and analyze remote USB devices and Serial ports data from the local PC

Device Monitoring Studio Server

Non-intrusive remote Serial ports & USB devices sniffer for Windows

Device Monitoring Studio Server is a software solution which allows you to monitor, log and analyze data from unlimited number of USB devices and serial ports connected to any number of remote computers.

Device Monitoring Studio Server may share and broadcast USB devices and Serial ports dataflows to any number of client PCs using LAN or Internet connections. It allows remote testing, logging, analyzing and debugging of USB and Serial devices connected to the remote PC by multiple developers simultaneously.

Using DMS Server installed on remote PC, unlimited number of teammates will be able to view, record, play back and analyze data exchange of remote software applications and hardware devices from any place in the world!

Extreme performance and nonintrusive application design makes it useful for real-time data processing applications. DMS Server operates as a Windows service, so it may be used as background application in high loaded systems without affecting it's performance and user experience.

It provides an intuitive user interface, includes detailed documentation with examples and requires no special programming skills to start using it. Download DMS Server now and start to analyze remote devices and applications in a few seconds!

How it Works

This is the server-side part for Device Monitoring Studio.

Just install Device Monitoring Studio Server on PC you want to monitor it's USB and Serial connections, install Device Monitoring Studio on a client PC, connect it to the server using LAN or Internet and then:

  • Monitor all or selected custom data from remote PC using advanced filtering
  • Log USB and Serial data from remote PC and play it back later
  • Store raw data from remote PCs on local PC for analyzing it later
  • Analyze low level data and contents of each protocol packet using custom protocol parser
  • Remotely view complete statistics and charts for USB and Serial port usage on server PC

Download DMS Server now and start to monitor remote ports and devices in a few seconds!


This is the server-side part for Device Monitoring Studio. Its main task is to intercept the communications carried out by applications and devices connected to the remote computer using serial and USB interfaces and transfer for processing and analysis to the client-side part - Device Monitoring Studio.

Using DMS Server you'll be able to view, store and analyze data flows coming to and out of remote computer on multiple client workstations at the same time. It allows you to work with device connected to remote computer on the other side of the world from different places and even more...

DMS server can be successfully used for:

  • capturing of remote USB device data and Serial port traffic from local computer
  • gathering of USB and Serial port data from different computers, then logging it on single PC
  • analyzing serial and USB data exchange on remote Windows workstations
  • intercepting and logging communications of different remote computers simultaneously
  • recording of USB and Serial port data from unlimited number of remote computers
  • storing history of USB and Com port data exchange for any remote computer
  • filtering specific data from remote USB devices and Serial ports
  • controlling communication traffic of distant computers
  • transferring usb, serial port data over ip from remote computer to the local PC
  • recording and replaying back data from distant USB devices and Serial ports
  • analyzing behavior of remote USB and Serial port data flows
  • remote development of serial port and USB device software applications
  • debugging remote Serial and USB software and hardware devices

Download DMS Server now and start sniffing remote ports and devices in a few seconds!

Usage Areas

DMS server can be successfully used in the following applications:

  • Low level POS terminal data logging
  • Building of data storage and control systems
  • Low level USB device and Serial port data sharing
  • Remote security applications
  • Law enforcement agencies investigations
  • Remote data analyzing
  • Remote research and development
  • Remote device monitoring

Download DMS Server now and start collecting data from any number of remote computers!

Target Groups

The following target groups may found our remote data analysis solution useful:

  • systems integrators and consultants
  • system administrators
  • industrial and quality control personnel
  • security experts
  • software developers
  • hardware developers and engineers
  • beta-testers
  • SCADA software engineers
  • science technicians, lab personnel
  • university students

Download DMS Server now!

OS Support

Our remote ports and devices monitoring solution supports all server and workstation Windows platforms starting from Windwos7 both 32-bit and 64-bit, including latest Windows 10 x86 and x64 operating systems.

Download DMS Server now and start snooping remote ports and devices in a few seconds!

Supported Devices

DMS Server allows you to remotely sniff and analyze communication data of the following devices:

Serial Devices
Diagnostic equipment, Fax-Modems, mini-ATS, Controlling and measuring equipment (oscillographs, manometers, sensors...), Mice, Digital Cams, Network equipment, NPort servers, Serial device servers, Wireless LAN equipment, Multiplexers, Routers, Switches, Hubs, MIDI-serial devices, barcode readers, RS-232 to RS-422/485 converters, Multiport Serial Boards, Network-enable serial devices, Serial to fiber converters, Entertaining equipment, Serial device controllers, HVAC, door entry systems, Card readers, bar code readers, Tablets, Cash registers...
USB Devices
Digital Cameras, Cell phones, Mass Storage devices, Сard readers, USB Adapters, KVM switches, MP3 players, Ipod, USB Keyboards, Printers, Scanners, USB Hubs, Universal Serial Bus Ethernet adapters, Modems, TV Tuners, Universal Serial Bus Midi, USB Audio, USB Video, Joysticks and Steering Wheels, Mouse, Human Interface Devices, USB Serial ports, Smartphones, Mobile phones, Bar-code readers, iPad, Tablets, E-Readers, GPS Navigators, Radar Detectors, Smart TV, Projectors, Screens, PC Peripherals, Camcorders, Webcams…

Remote monitoring of USB devices and Com ports now made easy!

Download DMS Server now and start to analyze remote ports and devices data in a few seconds!

Device Monitoring Studio Server Features

  • Non-intrusive monitoring

    Non-intrusive monitoring

    Device Monitoring Studio Server can unintrusively monitor serial and USB devices, connected to a server it is running on. Applications running on the server continue to communicate with devices as before, without losing connectivity or performance.
  • Unattended operation

    Unattended operation

    Device Monitoring Studio Server does not require the user to control itself. Moreover, it does not require any particular user to be even logged on, because it operates as Windows service.
  • Transparent configuration

    Transparent configuration

    Device Monitoring Studio Server supports very easy and transparent configuration in local area networks (LAN), either domain networks, workgroups or Windows 7 Homegroups. It just works without any additional actions from the user or administrator.
  • Auto discovery

    Auto discovery

    Device Monitoring Studio Server allows clients to automatically discover servers operating in local area network, providing corresponding permission has not been recalled by server or domain administrator.
  • Management options

    Management options

    Device Monitoring Studio Server allows centralized administrative management through Microsoft Management Console or PowerShell scripts. In addition, it provides Automation-compatible API to be controlled by the user code.
  • Permission-based access control

    Permission-based access control

    Device Monitoring Studio Server provides access control list (ACL) support for its running instance. An administrator may assign permissions to connect, auto-discover and create monitoring session to various domain or workgroup users and groups.

Our Device Monitoring Studio Server Usage Scenarios

  • Remote development and debugging

    As you implement some communications protocols, develop applications or hardware devices, you may need to monitor the data being sent to the ports and interfaces, modify this data, insert delays, and even insert new data packets. And this is exactly the scenario for which our products is best for. It is the only one that allows you to simultaneously parse the data you receive, construct new packets, send them to the port when certain events are triggered, and automate this with scripts. Using DMS Server you may do this remotely. Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Remote reverse engineering

    If you have a hardware device connected to the remote computer or USB or Serial software application running there and you need to develop a "response part" for it, then our product is there to help you. In such cases, you have no documentation for the device or application and you have to intercept their data transfers, reconstruct the communication protocol and individual packets based on it. Our device monitoring products has a complete set of tools for this challenge, but using Device Monitoring Studio Sever you may even do this remotely. Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Automatic remote software & hardware testing

    Our device monitoring studio product provides simultaneous data tracking, data parsing (according to any given protocol), data filtering, event processing, packet construction and automation by means of scripting. Since such set is provided only by our product, it is the only one you can use to create inexpensive automatic testing systems for USB and serial equipment and applications. Using Device Monitoring Studio Server you may build even remote automatic testing applications. Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Integration & security solutions development

    Since our device monitoring product allows data logging, real-time parsing & analyzing of the data coming from multiple endpoints simultaneously, it can be used as a base for building real-time, high-performance, non-intrusive security and integration solutions. All its algorithms are optimized for maximum performance, thus, solutions based on our product can be applicable where others will not give the proper result. Using DMS Server you are able to make your solution location-independent. Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

Device Monitoring Studio Server Tech Specs

General Information
First Release:7/23/2013
License Type:Shareware
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System Requirements
Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Server 2022 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008
CPU:Multi-core x86, x64 compatible
Memory:2 GB
Storage:12.866 MB
Release Details
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Size:6.433 MB
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