Device Monitoring Studio Server Features

The Device Monitoring Studio Server offers the following functionality:

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Unintrusive Monitoring

Device Monitoring Studio Server can unintrusively monitor serial and USB devices, connected to a server it is running on. Applications running on the server continue to communicate with devices as before, without losing connectivity or performance.

Unattended Operation

Device Monitoring Studio Server does not require the user to control itself. Moreover, it does not require any particular user to be even logged on, because it operates as Windows service.

Transparent Configuration

Device Monitoring Studio Server supports very easy and transparent configuration in local area networks (LAN), either domain networks, workgroups or Windows 7 Homegroups. It just works without any additional actions from the user or administrator.

Auto Discovery

Device Monitoring Studio Server allows clients to automatically discover servers operating in local area network, providing corresponding permission has not been recalled by server or domain administrator.

Management Options

Device Monitoring Studio Server allows centralized administrative management through Microsoft Management Console or PowerShell scripts. In addition, it provides Automation-compatible API to be controlled by the user code.

Permission-based Access Control

Device Monitoring Studio Server provides access control list (ACL) support for its running instance. An administrator may assign permissions to connect, auto-discover and create monitoring session to various domain or workgroup users and groups.
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Platforms: »
· Windows Vista
· Windows 7
· Windows 8
· Windows 8.1
· Windows 10
· Windows Server 2008 R2
· Windows Server 2012
· Windows Server 2012 R2
· Windows Server 2016
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· English
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· Shareware
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· 14 days
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6.15 MB
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