Download Instructions

Our Device Monitoring Studio installation package (16.98 MB) includes both 32-bit and 64-bit executable files for x86 and x64 Windows platforms, so you just download single installation file. Click download button, select local download folder on your hard drive, then save Device Monitoring Studio file to your computer.

Use the following alternative, if you just wish to minimize traffic for your Internet channel (16.92 MB):

Download compressed Device Monitoring Studio.

Although we have signed our Device Monitoring Studio installation package with digital certificate, please let us know if you are experiencing any issues during downloading Device Monitoring Studio files to your computer.

Installation Instructions

If you are a new Device Monitoring Studio user:
Click on downloaded installation package. Follow the on-screen instructions, read the License Agreement. It must be accepted in order to continue installation. Select components you want to be installed, destination folder, Start Menu folder and continue with installation.
If you already have Device Monitoring Studio installed:
Before installing, please back up your files and configurations created with previous version of the product: Scripts, Custom Protocols, Structure Definitions, Filters, Coloring Schemes, Window configurations for monitoring and idle layouts (Menu->View->Export Configuration... ), etc.

Please make sure that none of your devices or applications are using serial, usb or network connections at the time of installation. Connections will be interrupted for some time during the installation process.

We recommend you to stop any Registry protection utilities before attempting to install as they can prevent the application from installing correctly.

You must log on to your PC using an Administrator account or be able to elevate your privileges.