Device Monitoring Studio Reviews

Steve Smith
This enables us to examine Modbus data for HMI/PLC communication where we do not have the hmi source code. We can generate a new address and data map for upgrade of the HMI. This would be impossible without Device Monitoring Studio.
Steve Smith Sentient Automation Pty Ltd Principal Engineer
Chanseong Kim
Without a physical serial port monitoring device such as a lineeye-210, I can analyze data flow between the diagnostic software and the controller board using the RS-232 port. After evaluation of Device Monitoring Studio, I concluded to get it.
Chanseong Kim Editech General Manager
Fabrice MERLE
I was looking for USB monitoring software to troubleshoot USB device performance issue. We used the trial version to have a quick look: easy to use and provides all technical information on the protocol. This tool helped us to quickly understand the performance issue related to the operating system driver. We have tested several solutions and selected your product as the best one to fine-tune our software. I convinced my boss to purchase this tool for us to make our team more efficient in development.
Fabrice MERLE FW developer, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Rob Gersbach
I've been demoing many USB Data Sniffers and Analysers on the market and have found HHD Software's Device Monitoring Studio to be the best product available and it is well priced in comparison to the competitor's offerings. I've been using it to monitor and log USB traffic between software applications and connected hardware.
Rob Gersbach Managing Director, MRD Rail Technologies Pty Ltd.
Vlad Mazilu
I develop a software to read data from electric energy meters. The meters use the standard ANSI C12.21 and your software helps me follow how the PC communicates via serial interface (direct RS485 or via GSM modem) with the energy meters.
Your software is very useful to confront the theory (documentation of the standard) with the real communication process. It helps me to track errors and, most usefully, it has very precise packet time stamps.
Vlad Mazilu Automation Engineer
Carl Murphy
For my colleagues in the development office it was necassary to use a free version to get to know this software program. The needed settings were open and it was not complicated to get in closer touch with the different opportunities.
Carl Murphy PrehKeyTec GmbH
Robert Tait
Great product to hack a controller by mimicking commands using a man in the middle technique. All for good, of course. The hardware will ultimately communicate with a web server via LoRa, for health monitoring.
Robert Tait
Jay Hart
I've used this product at a previous company and I bought it for myself so now I benefit from it where ever I go. I also owned an expensive Beagle analyzer (over $1K). I sold it and use the Studio now. It makes me like super man.
Jay Hart Microchip Principal Engineer