Compare Hex Editor Neo Editions

Opening and efficient handling of huge files
Instant data processing regardless of size
Basic file editing features
Portable hex editor installation
Advanced formatting & grouping options
Extremely flexible UI: layouts, skins, color schemes
Instant search for specific data
Instant search with data replacement
Unlimited Undo and Redo
Modifications history saving & loading
Automatic patch creation
Regular expressions support
Viewing and editing file attributes
Settings manager
Document printing
Multilingual user interface
Native support for Windows color themes
Native support for high-DPI displays
Editing files opened in external applications
Pattern coloring (max. 3 rules)
Find All
Replace All
Visual operations & modifications history browsing
Visual operations & modifications history options
Multiple selection support
Selection saving, loading and exporting
Base converter
Data inspector
Advanced Copy & Export (Raw Text Format)
Advanced Copy & Export (Formatted Data Format)
Smart text pasting
Built-in Explorer
Byte editor (Modify Bits)
Technical support
Opening disks (physical disk editor)
Opening volumes (logical disk editor)
Editing virtual memory (Open Process)
Opening computer physical memory (RAM)
Data encryption and decryption
Logical bitwise & arithmetic data operations
Structure Viewer (binary templates)
Data analysis and statistics
Support for Kaitai structures
Parsing new structures
Opening Intel HEX files
Opening Motorola S-record files
Editor windows synchronization
Operations & modifications history branching
Advanced Copy & Export (Encoded Data Format)
Checksum & hash calculations
Pattern coloring (unlimited rules)
Built-in Explorer (second window)
Find in Files
Replace in Files
Support for NTFS alternate data streams
Searching for NTFS streams (stream detector)
Compare files (binary diff/hex diff/text diff)
x86 Disassembler
x64 Disassembler
.NET Disassembler
ARM, ARM-64 (ARMv8/AArch64) Disassembler
MIPS, RISC-V, SPARC, XCore Disassembler
PowerPC Disassembler
More Disassemblers
Parsing disk structures (Volume Navigator)
Hex Editor SDK
Quick data annotations
Macros recording
Priority suggestions