Hex Editor Neo Testimonials

I'm satisfied with everything. I purchased the license out of my own pocket. Every single time I've used Neo, I am thankful for that decision.
It's saved me countless hours of work by letting me correct corrupted DTP files. This is just about the best software I've bought on my own.
Mike Adams
Technical Writer
Your editor is simply the best editor that I tried so far.
Salvatore Curcio
You are more responsive than any other software company I know. I am impressed.
Tod Johnson
Huge feature set - the swiss army knife of hex editors.
Brian Cherry
Really, I didn´t hope a support so efficient. Congratulations !!! I will evaluate other products by you in future.
Eduardo Motton
Your Hex Editor software is amazing! It is PACKED full of features, updates itself, NEVER fails, provides EVERY feature you could possibly imagine for data manipulation and even has a FREE version! You guys build QUALITY software. I'm VERY impressed. (And yes, the overuse of caps was warranted. :)
Nathon Dalton
Software Developer
Hex Editor Neo can be used by a Novis or Professional, and produce rapid troubleshooting and isolate hard to find bugs.
I completed a comparison of Hex Editor Neo against other HEX Editor and found it 'above reproach', and a top contender in selecting a tool for our next project.
D. Maleche
Many thanks for the very quick reply, excellent customer service and excellent product!
Gordon Finlay
Just throwing some accolades your way, your hex editor is by far and away the best I have ever used after 20+ years reverse engineer.
Heath Rogers
Today I just upgraded. There is no way I'll step away from you great software.
I don't have to use it as much as before, but it's still a pleasure to use such a stable and efficient piece of software.
Tony Massé
I'm extremely impressed with the functionality provided by Hex Editor Neo. This is probably the best hex editor I've ever used.
David Thompson
Software Developer
Nice program for investigating files :)
Stefan Siren
By the way, I'm using the Hex Editor as well - very intuitive usage, useful and user friendly.
Works fine and easy to use.
Netto Ufrgs
The software appears to be fully featured and extremely flexible.
Jared Giles
I am impressed with your service and your product.
Michael Lamboley
I had to change 1 byte in a 3.5GB file. Looks as an easy task but it is not if you do not have the right tool. I "googled" to find a suitable editod but none of them, incl. my favorite 'Hex Workshop' could do this task (OK, my Hex Workshop is old).
But when I found Free Hex Editor Neo and tried it I was very pleased to see that it could do it!
Sergey KS
I downloaded HHD Hex Editor from your website today. I am very pleased with it. It works better than anything else I have tried. It's fast, efficient, and accurately manipulates data. I'll be keeping my eye out for future releases.
Lori Dalton
I downloaded your Hex editor and used it a few times. It was very stable, and just did what it claimed to.
Dave Bushong
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