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Standard Professional Ultimate
Network Traffic Data Monitoring YesYesYes
Structure View: Parsing and Displaying Captured Network Data YesYesYes
Capture Filter YesYesYes
Statistics: Graphical Data Analyzis YesYesYes
Session Recording (Network Monitoring) YesYesYes
Log File Playback (Playing Back Recorded Network Data) YesYesYes
Raw Data Exporter NoYesYes
Text Exporter NoYesYes
Raw Data View: Displaying Raw Packet Data NoNoYes
Custom Protocols NoNoYes
Packet Builder NoNoYes
MODBUS Send: Sending MODBUS Protocol Commands NoNoYes
Multi-source Monitoring NoNoYes
Custom Visualizers NoNoYes
Scripting Support NoNoYes
Script Debugger NoNoYes
HTTP View: Parsing and displaying of HTTP Requests and Responses NoYesNo
Release Details
Release Date:
Platforms: »
· Windows XP
· Windows Vista
· Windows 7
· Windows 8
· Windows 8.1
· Windows 10
· Windows Server 2008
· Windows Server 2008 R2
· Windows Server 2012
· Windows Server 2012 R2
· Windows Server 2016
Interface: »
· English
License Type:
· Shareware
Trial Period:
· 14 days
File Size:
14.37 MB
PAD File:
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