Remote Serial Ports

by HHD Software Ltd.
Starting from version 4, Remote Serial Ports is a component of a consolidated COM ports management & emulation solution called
Virtual Serial Port Tools

Remote Serial Ports is a COM port redirecting software application which allows you to get access to the remote serial devices using Internet or Local Area Network (LAN).

Using our Remote Serial Ports you may share physical COM ports, Plug and Play COM ports and even virtual serial ports, they all will be readily accessible over TCP/IP network. Every local serial device may be connected from outside exactly the same way like there is physical hardware connected to this remote computer.

Any remote serial port and Ethernet virtual com port created on local PC behaves exactly the same way. There are no any differences between serial hardware plugged in to the remote host and local virtual copy of this device created by our product for any serial application. Any data sent to the local copy of COM port will be redirected to the remote serial device and vice versa. This process may be called "serial port mirroring", "serial port forwarding" or "serial port redirecting".

Product consists of two parts: Remote Serial Port Server and Remote Serial Port Client.

Server component is used to provide remote access to all local serial devices, including legacy serial ports, virtual serial ports or “serial over USB” PnP devices. This COM Port redirecting server can be used in one of the following modes: installed as Windows Service or running as stand-alone process.

By default, all local serial devices are shared across the network and all users are granted access. In addition, serial port redirecting server automatically advertises itself over the local network.

All these defaults may be changed using either the command-line parameters if the server is running in stand-alone mode or using the Server Configuration Utility if the server is installed as Windows Service.

Client component consists of a virtual serial port driver, in-process COM server (which provides an API) and a configuration utility - GUI application.

Virtual serial port driver is a user-mode driver providing full-featured serial ports to the client computer. User application may use API provided by the in-process COM server to create, manage and delete virtual serial ports. Created ports may then be connected to remote hosts.

In addition, a Configuration Utility may be used to create, delete and connect virtual serial ports.

When the client application opens a handle to a virtual serial port, a connection to remote host is established. All control information and data sent or received to the virtual serial port after that is silently transferred to the server and then eventually to the shared serial port.

Our remote COM Ports software app supports most popular operating systems and hardware platforms, it consumes almost no CPU and RAM resources; server component may optionally be deployed by the user without administrator rights on a server. Download it now!

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Remote COM Ports can be successfully used to:

  • access serial device connected to the remote computer from local workstation
  • create exact copy of the remote COM port on the local computer
  • connect local serial port with remote serial device using named pipes over TCP/IP network
  • redirect physical hardware and software virtual serial ports over internet connection
  • transfer serial ports data over WAN or Ethernet LAN
  • emulate remote hardware RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 com port on local PC
  • communicate with remote serial device the same way as it's connected to the local computer
  • use named pipes to redirect RS232/RS422/RS485 devices from host PC to the guest virtual machine

Network/Shared COM Ports can be successfully used by:

  • software developers
  • hardware engineers
  • IT support specialists
  • industrial control personnel
  • SCADA software engineers
  • systems integrators, consultants
  • University students

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