Remote Serial Ports

Share & access remote COM ports and serial devices over Internet or local network
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Remote Serial Ports Kit

Network serial port tool kit for easy access to the remote serial ports and devices

Remote Serial Ports - is a COM port redirection software application that allows you to share and access remote COM ports and serial devices using your Local Area Network or Internet connection.

By utilizing this remote serial port sharing software you'll be able to access any type of COM ports located on distinct computers. The product supports remoting of all legacy COM ports, PnP serial ports, 'serial over USB' ports created by USB to Serial adapters and even software virtual serial ports.

All local serial ports created by this solution behave in the same way as remote physical serial ports. This product emulates all remote hardware serial port functionality, including baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity bits, etc. It also allows you to control the data flow, emulating all signal lines (DSR, DTR, DCD, CTS, RTS, and RI) and supports Hardware and Software flow control. Application Programming Interface is provided for easy integration with your projects.

This product provides you with clear and intuitive user interface, detailed documentation and requires no programming skills to start using it. Download it now and get access to your remote serial ports & devices in a few seconds!

How it Works

This product consists of two parts: Remote Serial Port Server and Remote Serial Port Client.

  • Remote Serial Port Server (Remote Part)

    It consists of a network serial port driver, in-process COM server (which provides you with developer API for easy automation from your own projects and serial applications), GUI and console application control. Network com port driver installed on the server side shares all enumerated serial ports to be accessible for incoming connections from any number or Remote Serial Port client parts.

  • Remote Serial Port Client (Local Part)

    It consists of a network virtual serial port driver, in-process COM server (which provides you with developer API for easy automation from your own projects and serial applications), GUI and console application control. It creates a new local virtual serial port and connects it to a port shared by Remote Serial Ports Server application running on a remote computer. Interconnection between local virtual copy and original hardware port are made by the mean of network interfaces. Local virtual copy and the remote original physical serial port behave exactly the same to any program which tries to establish serial communication.

    When the client app opens a handle to a local virtual serial port, a connection to the remote host is established. All control information, serial line data, signals and data streams sent or received to the virtual serial port is silently transferred to the server and then eventually to the shared serial port. This serial data transmission is completely equal to a direct data exchange with a remote port.

This network serial ports toolkit provides you with complete remote serial ports emulation functionality. It allows you to redirect serial port from distinct computer to the local one by means of the network connection.

Download this remote physical serial port redirection software utility now!


This network serial port emulator provides you with access to the remote serial devices over the LAN, WAN and Internet network connections using TCP/IP and UDP protocols. It creates local virtual copy of remote port.

  • It emulates hardware control lines and physical serial port configurations
  • It supports custom serial connection configurations (baudrate, parity, databits, stopbits and flow control)
  • It support all standard dataflow control options. Software XON/XOFF Flow control, Hardware and Custom flow control
  • It supports all standard Windows serial port speed rates of 75, 110, 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 128000, 256000 bit/s and custom bit rates
  • It emulates all serial line data, signals and handshaking states
  • It uses only user-mode OS API calls for better system stability and performance
  • It supports Windows WMI, Power Management, PnP and more technologies

It emulates all serial modem control lines (Terminal Ready DTR, Transmitted Data TxD, Received Data RxD, Data Carrier Detect DCD, Request To Send RTS, Clear To Send CTS, Data Set Ready DSR and Ring Indicator RI)

Product offers you a rich Software Developer Kit (SDK), which includes all necessary libraries, components and detailed documentation. Remote Serial Ports Library provides you with ActiveX/COM Component and .NET Component so you may write program code or scripts in order to control ports and interlinks from your application.

This product is a complete network serial port sharing solution. It's a popular serial to Ethernet connector alternative with signed drivers and probably best network serial port kit for developers. It provides you with complete emulation of the remote serial port in a software environment of the local PC.

Download this network serial port redirector now and start accessing remote physical COM ports and hardware serial devices in a few seconds!

Supported Serial Ports

Our remote com ports driver supports all legacy, custom Plug-and-Play serial ports and standard EIA RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 I/O ports interfaced by 16550 UART: COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4... COM255 which are correctly registered in Windows system and are visible in the device manager under standard Ports (COM & LPT) device class.

Local virtual serial ports emulate all remote hardware serial port functionalities, including baud rate, data bits, parity bits, stop bits, etc. Additionally, they allow controlling the data flow, emulating all control lines (DTR, DCD, DSR, CTS, RTS and RI).

Download Remote Serial Ports now and access remote serial ports and rs-232 devices in a few seconds!

  • Contains no Kernel-Mode components for best system stability and performance
  • All drivers are digitally signed and secure
  • As compared to physical serial links it allows working at high data transfer rates
  • It's an user-mode application and in contrast to kernel-based solutions requires no computer reboots
  • Port and connections are automatically restored after connection loss or PC reboot
  • Due to the use of user mode components only, the application consumes almost no processor time, memory and other system resources

Download it now and start emulating remote RS232, RS422, RS485 serial ports in a few seconds!

OS Support

Our network serial port sharing technology works for all desktop/laptop computers with Windows workstation/server platforms starting from Windows Vista. All modern operating systems including Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 are supported.

Product requires dual-core x86/x64/ARM64 compatible CPU, 2 GB of RAM and at least 16 Mb of HDD/SSD free space.

Download this network serial port tool kit now and access remote rs232 devices from a local PC in a few seconds!

Remote Com Ports Features

  • Access to serial ports on a remote computer

    Access to serial ports on a remote computer

    Using our product, you can share any physical serial port located on a remote computer and access the devices and equipment connected to it from a local workstation. All types of legacy Com ports, PnP serial ports, and ports created by most of USB to Serial adapters are supported.

  • Full hardware Com ports emulation

    Full hardware Com ports emulation

    Virtual copies of remote hardware ports created on the local computer fully emulate all the features used by the connected serial device. Virtual serial interface supports all physical serial port options including hardware handshaking signals, baud rate, parity bits, data bits, stop bits and flow control.

  • Auto-Discovery of remote serial ports

    Auto-Discovery of remote serial ports

    You do not need to know all network addresses of computers with shared serial ports. The client will send broadcast requests over the network without your input, then receive all addresses with a collection of accessible ports and provide you with a list of possible connections.

  • Runs in user-mode for better system stability

    Runs in user-mode for better system stability

    During the product development we paid great attention to the performance and reliability. Remote Serial Ports is build upon a versatile high-performance virtual serial port driver. It operates exclusively in user-mode, raising the system stability, security and performance.

  • Developer API for easy integrations

    Developer API for easy integrations

    Rich application programming interface (API) allows you to fully control application from your code or script. All kinds of virtual serial devices and their configuration may be controlled from different programming languages, like C++, C# or scripting languages like JavaScript or TypeScript.

  • Automatic restoring of ports and links

    Automatic restoring of ports and links

    The Product allows you to create permanent serial ports and links. Their configurations are reliably stored in the system. The Product is fully compatible with Windows Power Management, so the original configuration for each item is automatically restored upon shutdown, reboot or sleep.

Our Remote Serial Port Advantages

Adaptive It natively supports Windows dark themes
Harmless It uses only User-Mode space for extra safety and system stability
Reliable It fully emulates hardware serial ports and links
Friendly It supports GUI and command line ports configuration
Flexible It supports extensive scripting for best workflow automation
Handy It can be completely controlled within your project code

Our Network Serial Ports Usage Scenarios

  • Developing of software application for remote serial equipment

    Sometimes you need to develop software application for serial hardware device located in a different place. And here our product will help you. Using remote serial ports you can work with remote serial device or hardware equipment from a distance in the same way as if it is connected directly to your computer and successfully solve your application development task.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Testing and debugging serial devices connected to a remote host

    Using our product you are able to test and debug serial devices and hardware equipment connected to hosts located anywhere in the world exactly as if it were directly connected to your workstation. The only requirement is that your developer workstation and this host with a remote port must have access to the same local network or Internet connection.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Reverse engineering of remote serial device using network connection

    If you want to reverse-engineer serial device and you don't have direct access to it, our Serial Monitor or Remote Serial Ports product is exactly what you need. Using these products you'll be able to connect to any remote serial device, intercept, parse and analyze the packets exchanged between the device and application at the serial protocol level.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Building distributed serial port-based solutions via network links

    The client side of the application allows you to connect to an unlimited number of remote computers and ports. This opens up the possibility of building distributed systems, where the endpoint serial equipment can be located anywhere in the world, and will be controlled from a single center. And the API allows you to flexibly adjust the entire system from your code.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

Remote Com Ports Tech Specs

General Information
First Release:6/25/2019
License Type:Shareware
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System Requirements
Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Server 2022 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008
CPU:Multi-core x86, x64 or ARM64 compatible
Memory:2 GB
Storage:19.178 MB
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Size:9.589 MB
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