Serial Monitor Reviews

Been a Sermon user since the early days, and have found it to be a very useful tool. I recommend Sermon to other engineers/techs whenever I get the chance.
Robert Carter Steelwater Solutions Corporation
I tried many serial sniffers or the like, and yours is the only one I found really working on a Win7 machine.
Sandro Calligaro
Customizable and easy to use tool.
Ralph Silvio Student, University of Wuppertal
Since MSFT has completely screwed up Portmon I was struggling to find a light and simple port monitor, then I found your site. Excellent product, exactly what I need. You have my deep gratitude.
Matt Sykes

I cannot express how impressed I am with you and your company that you would make this change for me and so quickly!!!

Thank you very much, you're commitment to customer support if very apparent and appreciated.

Walter Conley Crown Equipment Corporation
Thanks a lot for the quick and perfect support! SerMon works!
Juergen Simet Continental Automotive GmbH
Just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you have done on the software. I think its absolutely first class!
Bruce Zeelie
Perfect for analysing data on the COM ports! I love it!
Henrik Iversen
Great product! I had bunch of my own software to do the same job, but nothing close to what you did. Now serial protocol debugging is 400% easier.
Oleg Karpenko
Thanks for your input and also your great product. Serial Monitor has done me very well over the years and still recommend it to other colleagues who are using serial ports.
Bob Carter
Thank you for your quick response. The serial monitor is a very nice tool. Keep up the good work.
Brad Hein
I bought the Serial Monitor – works great and helped me solve the communications issues I had – great stuff!
Terje Nilsen
I am using it to monitor serial traffic to and from a programmable logic controller. Sermon looks like a very useful device for reverse engineering protocols.
Don Whitbeck
Excellent software, Up to speed and operating quickly, Choice of displays and outputs.
Bill Spurgeon
I use your Serial Monitor all the time. I find it one of the only programs that you simply load and !Bam! it runs – all the time – every time. Good Work!
Bill Rankin
I must say you serial port software is really cool.
Looks sharp and does what it says and more. It's not confusing like other applications of this type. Nice work! Keep it up!
Matt Watts
Thanks for the prompt reply and the great software. You guys really made a useful product. Worth every penny!
Michael Peoples AT&T - CMOPM
It is the best serial analyzer tool I have seen so far today (third tool I have tried).
Bob Lewis
Thank you. Your tools are really awesome too I recommend them to every company I go to or do work for. Keep up the good work!!
Mike Pulice
I have been evaluating your Serial Port Monitor for about one week now, and find it the best product of its kind that I have tried. I am also looking at the USB monitor program and the network monitor.
Roy J. Gromlich Senior Engineer
Recently I purchased your serial monitor product - good job! It has proven to be a necessary tool for the work that I do.
The Serial Monitor is a great tool.
Noel Ingle
One of our other Test Engineers, Huy Nguyen purchased 1 license and has been pleased with the performance as well as the rapid customer support.
Belma Johnson
Thanks for the quick response, I do not get help that quickly from other software companies. The upgrade went smoothly and seems to have solved my problem.
Paul Sweezie
Thank you. Your program is a LIFESAVER, Excellent job! It's been running beautifully and really helps in the debug of two multithreaded programs communicating over RS232.
Dale O'Harra
Of all the software we have investigated, yours has risen to the top of our preferred list of development tools.
Victor Wong
Simply, it's the best serial port monitor programme available. Our company has four copies of HHD Serial Monitor and we all love it!!
Quentin Liedtke Software Designer
Nice product, it is about time someone came up with something like this.
Lawrence MacNeil Industrial Control & SCADA Software Engineering
It's the best Tool for RS232 ... Is very Fast. Is logic to handle. The Price is very OK. The very - super Support of the Autor of this Prg. SUPER Product Gratulation!
Leo Imhof IT Support of Hospitals and Bank's
Thank you very much that worked well. Thanks for looking into this on a Sunday. BTW the new software looks great.
Evaluated the "Serial Port monitor" (shareware version) and I liked very much. It was very useful for me.
Plinio Guimaraes
As I mentioned before, we tried your product for a while and liked it very much. Thanks again for all the help. I hope it isn't too late where ever you are in the world!
Chuck Johnsen
Thanks for all your help, you have a great product AND excellent service.
Jef Housein
Your "serial port monitor" utility is AWESOME! I've place my order, (and have the eval demo running), it has saved me the cost of the purchase in less than a day of use. I'll gladly be providing an testimonial. I'm in the process control field in manufacturing industry. I'm impressed and delighted to have found your web site.
John Andrews
We really like version 4.07 on more contemporary platforms. As we do a lot instrumentation interfacing via RS232 (and like-standards), its a superb development and debugging tool for us.
We're grateful for the fine products!
Jim Ehramjian Project Manager. Biospherical Instrumetns Inc.
I really like your marketing model, and from what I can tell, your software is one of those rare classes that I would call "bulletproof". I'd also call it "lean", "effective" and great!
Dave Bushong