Compare USB Monitor Editions

USB devices & connections real time monitoring
USB data filtering & output customization
USB data logging & log file playback
Browsing monitored data, searching for data patterns
Sniffing data on remote USB devices
USB data graphical analysis & statistics
Packet View: displaying monitored packets in a table
URB View: displaying monitored USB Request Blocks
USB endpoints filtering feature
Structure View: parsing & displaying USB packet data
HID View: parsing of Human Interface Device (HID) packets
Still Image View: parsing of USB Still Image and MTP packets
Mass Storage View: parsing of USB Mass Storage packets
Audio View: parsing of USB Audio packets
Video View: parsing of USB Video packets
Communications View: parsing of USB Communications packets
Capture filter
Raw data exporter
Text exporter
Root protocol
Raw Data View: displaying raw packet data
Custom protocols
Custom visualizers
Multi-source monitoring
HID send: sending HID protocol commands to a device
Scripting support