USB Monitor Reviews

Rob Gersbach
I've been demoing many USB Data Sniffers and Analysers on the market and have found HHD Software's Device Monitoring Studio to be the best product available and it is well priced in comparison to the competitor's offerings. I've been using it to monitor and log USB traffic between software applications and connected hardware.
Rob Gersbach Managing Director, MRD Rail Technologies Pty Ltd.
John Coppola
I use USB Monitor tool to help prototype, debug and prove my HID device firmware. Indeed, USB Monitor has been invaluable in terms of allowing me to inspect packets and performing simple, repeatable data transfers. It has allowed me to send and receive Feature reports via Set/Get functions. This has allowed me to understand how the middleware processes these report types and that in turn has allowed me to develop custom handlers.
USB Monitor has proven invaluable in helping me develop HID usages and has allowed me to create a much better product and end user experience based on the capabilities of USB.
John Coppola Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Motium Pty Ltd.
William Davidson
I design products that normally connect to a PC via serial or Ethernet. Since most PCs and all laptops no longer have a native serial port I have been forced to incorporate a USB UART such as the chips from FTDI. Using the free USB monitoring software from HHD has encouraged me to try directly developing USB devices without forcing the serial connection. Using the Free version has been straight forward an I have just started on these designs. I am getting the ultimate version based on my monitoring with the free version to allow sending scripts directly to my designs to aid in the design and testing of the designs.
William Davidson RFID System Design LLC
Juyeon Jo
I downloaded and used the USB product at the request of the customer. Useful product.
Juyeon Jo Inchal
Patricia Bui
Just so you know, I recommended your products to many of our customers and they are VERY happy about it.
Personally, I use your product every day and am very pleased with its performance.
Patricia Bui Teridian Semiconductor Corporation
Roberto Robinson
This product really is a great tool. its pretty straightforward to use. I love it!!!
Roberto Robinson Electrical Hardware Engineer
Jim Zuehsow
This was one of several USB tools I have tried. It seems to be up to the task, and somewhat better than the others I have tried.
I was using it to troubleshoot a piece of MIDI equipment that sends it's data out via USB instead of the older standard DB type serial connector. Worked great and quickly showed when packets were missing.
Jim Zuehsow
Don Whitbeck
You have a very useful and well-designed product. Keep up the good work.
Don Whitbeck
Mike Muecke
I am absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the new monitor software. WOW!
I wish I'd had this years ago as I've developed about 20 USB devices and the corresponding drivers going all the way back to the original V1.1 era. At least I don't have to deal much with blue screens anymore (mostly).
I never understood why a CATC type hardware monitor was required. Your product seems easier to use and is a much better value. Thanks for the excellent support also.
Mike Muecke
Mark Lee
It worked! And it was straightforward and easy to use at a time when I didn't have time for manuals with a deadline bearing down on me.
Saved my bacon, thanks very much. Nice bit of kit.
Mark Lee Software Engineer
Alvaro Gini Calusta
Top class product. Saved my day in detecting speed of my USB devices
Alvaro Gini Calusta
Mike Pulice
Thank you. Your tools are really awesome too I recommend them to every company I go to or do work for. Keep up the good work!!
Mike Pulice
Paul Sweezie
Thanks for the quick response, I do not get help that quickly from other software companies.
Paul Sweezie
Roy J. Gromlich
I have been evaluating your Serial Port Monitor for about one week now, and find it the best product of its kind that I have tried. I am also looking at the USB monitor program and the network monitor.
Roy J. Gromlich Senior Engineer