Virtual Serial Ports 3.31 Release Notes

Virtual Serial Ports - Software Virtual COM Port, Rs232 Null-Modem Cable Emulator for Windows

Release Notes for Version 3.31

Hang during device creation
Application hung during device creation on some outdated Windows 7 installations.

New Features

New built-in command-line utility provides simple API to create and manage virtual serial ports, local or remote bridges.

This version brings back support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Release Notes for Version 3.22

Data not transferring over bridges
It was impossible to successfully transfer any data over the bridge in some situations.
Bridge creation failure on single-processor computers
It was impossible to create a local bridge on single-processor computer.

Release Notes for Version 3.21

This release fixes inability to create permanent local bridges (regression in the previous build).

Release Notes for Version 3.20

Changed sharing mode for output file
Previously, virtual serial port in file input/output mode opened output file with exclusive access. Now it specifies Read sharing mode allowing other processes to open the output file with Read access mask.

Release Notes for Version 3.14

Multiple bug fixes
Several reported bugs, including application crashes, have been fixed.
Line noise emulation
This release introduces a configurable line noise emulation.

Release Notes for Version 3.12

Multiple bug fixes
Several reported bugs, including application crashes, have been fixed.

Release Notes for Version 3.11

New Features

Buffer Overflow Emulation
Added configurable buffer overflow emulation.
Flow Control Emulation
Added full hardware and software flow control emulation.

Fixed Bugs

Permanent Bridge Fix
Virtual Serial Ports sometimes could not re-create permanent bridges after reboot.

Release Notes for Version 3.06

Multiple bug fixes
Several reported bugs, including application crashes, have been fixed.

Release Notes for Version 3.05

Custom Pin-outs
This release adds custom wiring support to local and remote bridges. Custom pin-out may be configured during local bridge creation or modified for any existing bridge.
Redistributable package
A separate redistributable package is provided starting from this release. It is a stripped-down version of installation package with configuration utility and documentation removed. Unattended installation is also supported.
Fixed memory leak
A memory leak in Virtual Serial Ports library has been fixed.
Inability to create a permanent remote bridge
An attempt to create a permanent remote bridge always failed.

Release Notes for Version 3.02

DateReceived event fix
This release fixes a bug that prevented .NET SerialPort.DateReceived event from being fired.

Release Notes for Version 3.01

Various bugs fixed
A number of reported and internally found bugs have been fixed.
Port renaming
It is now possible to change the system assigned COM port name.
Remote bridges
Two virtual serial ports, created on different computers, may now be connected to each other (like virtual null-modem cables).
Virtual Serial Ports now provides convenient application programming interface, allowing user code to create and manage virtual serial ports. Both native and scripting clients are supported. Typescript definition file is included.
Licensing change
In addition to free license, Virtual Serial Ports is now available as a commercial product. All features of previous free versions remain free, new features are available only in full version.

Release Notes for Version 2.11

Fixed bugs:

Bridge re-creation after restart
Created bridges are now automatically re-created after system restart. Note: there are still may be cases when bridges cannot be re-created.
Crash on bridge deletion
Configuration utility could crash after bridge had been deleted.

New features:

Wait mask support
Virtual ports, created by application, now support wait masks.
Baud rate emulation
Virtual port now tries to limit its bandwidth according to selected baud rate.
Limited support for flow control
This release adds limited support for flow control emulation.

Release Notes for Version 2.0

Configuration is automatically restored after the computer is restarted.
Virtual Serial Ports now saves the configuration (the number and types of ports) and restores it when the computer is restarted.
License type changed.
Virtual Serial Ports is now a free product.